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  • Nutrients for fresh, young, hydrated Skin
  • Revolutionary new formula which works with your renal system to hydrate your skin from the inside out

Drinking Only WATER does Not hydrate your skin. For your body to absorb water and become hydrated other ingredients need to be present. These ingredients are Hydralize

A Unique Patented Formula to help you look years younger from the inside out. For years the creator of the Hydralize formula paid close attention to her skin’s reaction, particularly facial skin, following certain foods and drinks. One thing that stood out was how every time there was dehydration due to the intake of caffeinated products or alcohol, the skin appeared dry and aged. She began taking several natural ingredients to hydrate herself and would notice herself suddenly looking 10-15 years younger every time these specific ingredients were taken in conjunction with others.

She visited a renal specialist who explained how certain ingredients aid in water consumption, water retention, and dehydration. Based on those ingredients she began working with Pinnacle Labs Inc. to create the perfect blend that would aid the body in maintaining  hydrated facial skin and realized it had NEVER been done before. It is not Water that hydrates our skin, it is how this water is retained by our skin based on other ingredients in our system,  AND THIS IS HYDRALIZE. It brings those ingredients together in the perfect formula to help you maintain hydrated , young looking skin.

  • Hydralize is the first of its kind to work with your body's renal system to help your body retain some of the water it looses and bring that water back into the skin's surface. The results are immediately visibly younger and healthier looking skin.
  • Nutrients for Fresh, Young, Hydrated Skin
  • Like No other Skin care supplement on the market Hydralize is NOT a vitamin but an actual treatment to bring immediate hydration to the skin's surface
  • Hydration
  • Toning
  • Lifting
  • Firming
  • First of its Kind
  • Revolutionary new Formula which works with your renal system to hydrate your skin from the inside out.

No need for lotions or creams which only work on the surface of the Skin, Hydralize brings water back into your skin making you appear visibly younger, faster.

When water leaves your body because of Today's fad diets, stressful and fast paced lifestyles you are left  not only feeling tired and haggard but looking it as well. You try to drink enough water but the water is not retained by your body because it is usually followed by caffeinated products and intense daily stress which leaves you with the perfect combination for dry, wrinkly  loose and deflated skin.


Hydralize begins as an online product together with a distribution agreement through Whole Foods.